Monday, 6 July 2009

White Water rafting pictures & film test

As we have spent a fun packed, if painful, weekend in Wales, I've not had time to put this weeks blog together, so to keep you entertained I have loaded some of the photo's. The plan is to get the proper BlackLOG out by Wednesday.

Whitewater rafting - pictures
Thanks to The Whitewater center in Bala for providing the Photo's of our various river runs. My arms were simply not long enough to get these great out of boat shots

Just look at that effort

Bloody Sat Nav, I'm not sure this is the M5 you know?

Mrs B and Craig on the naughty step

That will teach Craig and Mrs B not to put
in enough effort into rowing

Witch Trials No.1
- The dunking stall -
Everyone knows that Witches float

Witch Trials No.2
- Look they float -
Burn the Witches

An interactive bit - can you name the film or TV programs

If you are struggling - Answers Wednesday

No.1 - What show are Mrs B, Mala and Shilpa doing an impression of

No.2 - Which Famous TV Show is Craig acting out
I will ever be grateful that he did it clothed

No.3 - What film is Vinnie doing an impression of

No.4 - What film is Shilpa representing

No.5 - What film am I representing
- I hope you agree I'm looking hot


  1. Photo 1: Charlie's Angels
    Photo 2: Reggie Perrin
    Photo 3: Voldermort from any of the HP Films
    Photo 4: An American disaster B Movie - take your pick!
    Photo 5: The Shipping Forecast (without snow)

    Are there prizes being handed out?

  2. Imo only 2 out of 5 I'm afraid. I won't give the answers just yet incase anyone else (I'm ever hopeful) wishes to enter.

    Mrs B managed 3, so you are currently in Sliver medal position....

  3. Are you sure he isn't Voldermort?

  4. IMO Isn't he who should not be named bald as a coot.

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