Thursday, 25 August 2011

V2011 Through the eye of The Beast - Day One

For the next couple of weeks the BlackLOG is dedicated to the joys of  the V Festival in Chelmsford

Once again for the Saturday we were joined by Stunt Cock (Joe) and La Terriere (Kirsty). Before we had even  picked them up we ran into trouble as the A120  Bishops Stortford bye pass was closed,  forcing all the traffic to funnel through the town centre.  Fortunately I know a few cut-throughs and so managed to avoid the worst of the mayhem…

Mrs B and I preparing for a full on musical extravaganza...
As festival goers we are at different ends of the spectrum,  SC and LT went minimalistic with not much more than the clothes on their backs while Mrs B and I had chairs, snacks, drinks, toilet paper, hand cleaner, raincoats, hoodie for Mrs B (she feels the cold), The Beast, Mega Mini Beast and the Kitchen Sink.  No word of a lie we had a kitchen sink with us , although I have to be honest here and tell you that the Oakley Rucksack model that I use is actually called “The kitchen Sink” – and as rucksacks go it is awesome.  If you are prepared to hike a mother lode around with you, I highly recommend it… 

Having failed to get a photo pass (thanks for nothing local paper) I decided to take a chance and smuggle The Beast in again this year.  No real problems getting through security on the gate as they are more interested in making sure glass and drugs don't get in....

Incidentally I'm truly amazed at the amount of drugs that do make it onto the site, as we had to run (well amble to be more precise - with The Beast and the Kitchen Sink on your back you really aren’t capable of running anywhere) the gauntlet of around 10 police sniffer dogs and their handlers….

I have a feeling that the dogs might be suffering from “the bystander effect” or “Genovese syndrome”, where the more people or in this case dogs, that there are, the less likely any of the canine crew are to take any action other than sniff each other’s bottoms…..
Once inside we made for the 4 Music stage and  I assembled the Beast (he gets stripped down and distributed around the various pockets and secret compartments that make up the Kitchen Sink).  While the others sat down to recover from my driving I made for the Arena (Tent) to catch Twenty Twenty.  

Twenty Twenty (The Arena) 

Twenty Twenty are a 3 piece pop/rock band based from Cambridge (so almost local). They are made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Sam Halliday, brother and bassist/vocalist Jack Halliday, and drummer/vocalist Sonny Watson-Lang.

While I suspect I'm not their demographic, I enjoyed what I heard of them ..

Sam Halliday - "The Puppeteer"  
Jack Holliday - "Love's A Freak"

Kassidy (4 Music Stage)

I returned in time to catch Kassidy - a Scottish alternative folk rock band, made up of  Barrie-James O'Neill (vocals, guitar), Hamish Fingland (vocals, guitar), Lewis Andrew (vocals, guitar, accordion, keyboard), and Chris Potter (vocals, guitar). 

I believe that the band's name “Kassidy” is inspired by the 1969 American Western film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Which is either nice word play or spelling almost as bad as mine.  I’m going to hedge my bets and go with badly spelt word play….Sounded good live and made for a good start following Twenty Twenty. 

"I Don't Know"
Who is who in the band - if any fans know drop me a line
and I will complete the pictures....
"I've Seen The World"
and it nicked my razor.....
I returned to find Mrs B and Le Terriere, with an  unknown
large guy sandwiched between them...While I certainly couldn't 
complain  about the quantity, I'm not so sure about the quality...

"Oh My God"
Have you seen how many people are here?
"Stray cat"
Or is that a bad wig hanging on his head?

Big Country (4 Music Stage)

Next up - the delights of "Big Country".  With the original lead singer, Stuart Adamson, having given up air over 10 years ago,  it was left to Mike Peters (The Ex Alarm lead singer) to take on vocal duties.

Mike Peters

"I Could Be Happy Here"
Tony Butler - (original member)
Mike Peters and Bruce Watson (original member)
"In a Big Country
Some faces in the crowd
If you recognise yourself in any of the following pictures pop on down to the comment section and say hello

Looks like someone forgot to bring toilet paper....
I've won...The winner of the hairy armpit competition
was later disqualified when DNA tests proved that
she had back combed her normal hair..... 
Winner of the clean shaven armpit competition,
although  a lack of deodorant meant she got to celebrate
on her own ....
SC getting in some sneaky watch sales while LT
was out getting (or possibly getting rid of) drinks.
It took me a good 20 minutes to get far enough
back to get this lot in shot.....
Watching Me, Watching You....
 Aloe Blacc (4 Music Stage)

At this point SC and LT left in search of different sounds (I think it was Ziggy Marly) while Mrs B and I enjoyed a very laid back set with Aloe Blacc
"You Make Me Smile"
"I Need A Dollar"
That way Aloe will know that he is at
least worth two of "50 cent's"
Some Friends of The Beast - I think they just
wanted their pictures taken with Mrs B...

Rain stops Play

Just as we were set for KT Tunstall followed by Bruno Mars the heavens opened which sent us scurrying for the nearest indoor venue - which happened to be the Comedy tent, where we caught Irish comedian (Andrew Stanley, I think - this is getting a bit like Wikipida with lots of made up.... unsubstantiated information). Very funny although not very PC, attempting to get a 12 year old boy to lose his cherry and accusing the 12 year old's father of showing poor judgement in bringing a 12 year old to a f*cking comedy show. He also picked on a couple at the front and once he discovered they were not married or engaged put pressure on the poor guy to propose....

When did KT Tunstall grow a beard?
Wait a moment I smell a rat.....
Bruno Mars doesn't do Stand up
and I'm sure he doesn't look
anythig like  a bearded KT Tunstall....

Lostprophets (V stage)
 Didn't know much about them other than they were Welsh and not Stereophonics. Took a couple of songs but they warmed to my ears....
Jamie Oliver – synth, turntables, samples, vocals
Looks like he's cooking up a storm....
Stuart Richardson – bass
"Make mine a 99 with two flakes"
"Hey, what have you done with my Prophets you bastards....?"
Ian Watkins - Lead singer
Is it me or do drummers have more fun....?
Luke Johnson hitting the skins like there is no tomorrow...
This girl clearly has love in her eyes....
While she might have thought she was smokin' hot
turns out Fag Ash Lille was just smoking....
I think that smoking girl failed to put her cigarette out ....

Looks Like Carry on's Charles Hawtrey didn't die after all....
 Kaiser Chiefs (V stage)

One of my favourite Live bands, the lead singer Ricky Wilson is always good value for money...

Ricky Wilson surrenders before he even gets started....

"Dead or in Serious Trouble"
I have a feeling this guy is still fast asleep in the middle of
Hylands park....probably wake up in time for next year...

"I Predict a Riot"
"When all is quiet"
Ricky has a well deserved little rest
Oh My God
I can’t see…
At least someone was happy with their Shark dental plan...

 Plan B (V stage)
For me the big dilemma of the Saturday was whether to go and see Razorlight or stay where we were for Plan B. In the end the fact that we had a good spot and were going to be coming back  for Arctic Monkeys made the decision for me…..

I prefer Razorlight’s music but Plan B is good live and besides I’m more likely to go and see Razorlight in the future….

have I convinced you that I made the right choice …..

I hope so because I’ve yet to convince myself, I still have a feeling that I should have gone with Plan A...

"I Know A Song"
"Writing's On The wall"
"She Said"
voice of an angel, looking like butter
wouldn’t melt…..
 But wait….
Plan looks like he is spoiling for a fight
"Darkest Place"
"Couldn't Get Along"

Arctic Monkeys (V stage)
Great songs but in truth I felt I would have liked a bit more from the headline act.....Not much chat and a dead pan delivery....on the plus side their song titles are good for captioning pictures...
"Reckless Serenade"
"Don't Sit Down Because I've Moved Your Chair"

Red Light indicates that doors are secured
"I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor"
"You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights
But You Were Looking Straight At Me"

That was just day one, click here for day 2