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Bury me with my bike so I can be recycled - Cuba part 3

Cuba part 3 - The cycling

In case you missed them

Part 1 - A Cuban picture view

Part 2 -  From well travelled cake to Che Guevara - Cuba part 2

Like our cycling trip to India over three years ago (it takes me that long to forget how painful an experience a cycling trip can be) this is a fantastic way to see a country, if a little harsh on parts of your body. Face it, 650km in 2 weeks is going to take its toll. It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that after just 4 days it felt like my bottom was being sandpapered by a thousand monkeys who, having lost their typewriters, had given up their attempts to try to write the complete works of Shakespeare and were hell bent on creating a bottom version of Mount Rushmore….In short it was damn painful.

It was for this reason I was determined to spend as little time as possible in the saddle. I used a couple of techniques for this, the side saddle approach, propping one cheek on the saddle at a time and the other being the sprint. Give me a flat bit of road and I was off and out of sight. A downward slope was no barrier but I fear I’m starting to develop a real problem with hills, which I think might be psychological. It started a few years ago when the muscles above my knees started to spasm when I put too much strain on them. All my hard work on the flat would be totally undone and I would appear to be going backwards. As soon as I met even the most mediocre of slopes, fellow riders would catch up and pass me. I’m sure having The Beast in my rucksack didn’t help with the hills, but it allowed me to get some (even if I do say so myself) pretty decent shots.

I had great fun speeding off into the distance, jumping off the bike, whipping out The Beast and snapping shots as the group cycled pass. Then jumping back on the bike, off in hot pursuit, overtaking them and doing it all again. On a couple of occasions by the time I had packed The Beast away even the support bus had gone through. No problem on a straight road but a nightmare when you come across a junction with no one there with an nice big arrow showing you the direction to go.

Sat Nav Cuban style

 I cycled through one town and found almost the entire population screaming at me to turn around and take the previous turning. In the UK I would have taken this with a healthy dose of skepticism but I totally trusted my Cuban friends and they did not let me down. God only knows where I would have ended up if they had not helped me out as I had no contact number with me, let alone a phone.  Probably still cycling around Cuba in a futile attempt to catch myself up.....

Mrs. B had a couple of days where she was almost ready to jack it all in. First she came off her bike as we cycled through a forest. It had started to rain and huge puddles soon formed. While I was having fun going through the middle of the lakes, Mrs. B was attempting to tip-toe around the edges.

I seemed to have brought most of the
 mud  out of the forest with me....

This may have kept her cleaner to start off with but the inevitable soon happened and Mrs. B and her bike soon came a cropper. Fortunately her throat broke her fall, as it jammed into a discarded log (trees can be so untidy) leaving what looked like a vampire hicky emblazoned on her neck for a couple of weeks after.
Mrs B and minders (didn't stop her falling over though)
 The very next morning, just as we were starting out, Mrs. B got cut-up by another member of the group and came off the bike again*. Since this was followed by a day of riding on flat uninspiring countryside it made for a very dispirited Mrs. B. It took until the following day when she discovered that she could out perform her husband on even the most modest of slopes to perk her up again. I would like to say that I deliberately performed badly to make her feel better but in truth I was genuinely rubbish….

* Only one other member of our party of 18 had a crash that I am aware of.  Now I’m not saying that Andrea was competitive but after being crowned queen of the hills (the other contender for best climber on the tour, Tony, mysteriously came down with a stomach bug and had to ride in the support bus, just as we reached the hilliest part of the trip. Ummmm, was that really Andrea tampering with Tony’s water bottle…………..?) she was determined not to be beaten and when, just at the end of the last ride, she found out that Mrs. B was ahead of her in the fall count, she jumped right back on her bike, cycled 5 meters and promptly crashed to the ground.

If you go down to the Photo finish area there are some pictures of the cycling and a ditty created by a couple of members about the trip. I myself am finishing on the return flight

Coming home – A flight of fools
While the flight out had been unexciting, bordering on dull, the return flight became exciting before we had even taken our seats. Jesper and Andrea (see photos below if you want to see what they look like), had been allocated seats just behind us. As we approached our places we noticed a rather odd couple squatting in Jesper and Andrea’s seats.

I’m not sure Jesper and Andrea even said anything but just looked at their tickets for seats 45D and 45E.

This was met with a torrent of abuse from the squatting duo…

For five minutes they impressively managed to put up a one-sided fight screaming abuse at Andrea and Jesper. Some of the choice phrases included:

"Are you stupid or what? These are clearly seats 'F' and 'G'"
(The seat letters being marked on the lockers overhead, so you could not  fault their logic,  until you looked at the adjacent seats across the aisle which were labeled 'A', 'B' and 'C')

“Are you calling us liars? We have already told you that we are in the correct seats”
Hmm. Just telling everyone something very loudly and in your face does not necessarily make it true……………..

Well done to the cabin staff who did a magnificent job of vanishing just as the pairs verbal assault reached fever pitch…. Leaving the floor open to me...

I managed to calm them down by infuriating them even more with my statement:

“Wow, you guys clearly had a nice and relaxing holiday”

They seemed  genuienly shocked that someone had spoken  to them and inturupted the one sided argument they were ensconced..  All they managed was a rather weak and unconvincing: -

"We had been having a great time till we met rude f*ckers like you….”

They eventually quietened down a bit and shortly afterwards leant over to Andrea and said:

“Sorry, I think we might be in your seats…” and then proceeded to try and strike up a nice friendly "how was your  holiday?" conversation with Andrea….  Jesper had already put in ear plugs and turned his back on the quarrelsome pair….

We heard nothing from them for a couple of hours and as it was a night flight Mrs B put her seat into the recline position and managed to fall asleep. (To be honest Mrs B can fall asleep on the head of a pin.) She was rudely awaked by the pair kicking the back of her seat and screaming abuse because they wanted a drink and objected to Mrs B’s seat being in the recline position….So if you shouldn’t use the recline feature during a night flight when can you use it?

They were last seen arguing with people (or was it with themselves?) as they fought for their bags at Gatwick airport.  To put things into context he was wearing what looked like pyjamas and she looked like she had finished off all the cakes that had ever been carried around Cuba. Rather impressively they managed to display a combined I.Q less than their row number.

It didn’t finish there; the woman next to Mrs. B started to get all fidgety and kept leering across at me. Having spent two weeks avoiding such unwanted attention** I was more than capable of ignoring her disdainful glares. After about an hour of this fidgeting, the demented woman managed to wake the dead (sorry, I mean Mrs B) for the second time in the flight and asked her if her husband (that would be me, the one avoiding all eye and ear contact with her) would mind if she angled the light at him. A bleary-eyed Mrs B looked across at her and said “Why don’t you just switch it off?”

Demented woman – “Oh it’s not my light, it’s your husband’s.”

Mrs B – “Have you tried your switch?”

Demented woman - tried switch and plunged herself into darkness, muttering something that might have been an apology or possibly a curse under her breath

Mrs B sank back into another deep slumber – no doubt dreaming of the day when we can sit up front with Jack Nicholson and not in the back of the plane amongst the extras from “One Flew Over a Cuckoos Nest”

While I tried hard (and failed) not to piss myself laughing….

** The Beast seems to attract the local Cuban tramp population by the bucket load. They would sidle up to me and just stand there, waiting for cash I guess. Since Mrs. B was holding the purse most of the time they were very much out of luck.

A Record of the week

Bicycle Race by Queen

[I Wanna Start A Fight] by  Pink

I'm Not Calling You A Liar by Florence The Machine

Strange Ones - by Supergrass

Photo finish
As a little treat for you this week, to accompany some of the photos I've hired, at no expense whatsoever, a couple of cycling poets - Ian Gray and Roger “Dr Death” Black (or should that be Dr Black Death).

While I was cycling around taking pictures, Ian and Roger were creating this little ditty about our cycling group (The Beast is a little disappointed that it did not get a proper mention as the unofficial 19th member of the group but I’m sure he will get over it). Ian performed it on the last night and kindly gave me permission to include it in the BlackLOG. So take it away Ian and Roger

(With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
as written and performed by Ian
Co-written and directed by Roger
Lighting held by Jenny
We all came to Cuba to enjoy this Caribbean Isle
Not for us the all-inclusive food/drink/beach party style.
No we're travelling around the island the way we do all like
Donned in shorts helmets, pedalling on our bike.

So who's been in this group of 18 on our bus?
Here's our view in no particular order, without prejudice or fuss
 Please note that this was the backup bus for
 12 of the bikes not for 18 people ....

Now Andrea our Green Goddess Fitness Queen does train & train & train
The only problem she pedals so hard she keeps pulling off her chain !!

Andrea - Queen of the hills and winner with
two falls but no submission
Louise.Maid Marion forever on time, so organised in every way
No wonder her suitcase weighs a whacking 23.2 K !
Numerous changes of clothing,glossy lipstick, two alarm clocks,energy bars galore
She' prepared for EVERYTHING on this Grand Cuban Cycling Tour!

Poor Barry & Sally...had to dilly-dally
When ill & take to the bus
Thankfully they're both well recovered
And cycling without any fuss! 
Barry & Sally

So to Graham & Libby..Tis TweedleDum & TweedleDee !
They wear identical clothing
Didn't you see? Didn't you see? Didn't you see??? 
Graham & Libby - the one time I saw
them apart I was worried that they 
had got a quickie divorce 

Now Orla The Virgin Frequent Flyer has a case that seems to weigh half a ton
Goodness knows what's in it
Certainly enough for EVERYONE! 

I've found a secret about Roger the crafty so and so
That he will be surprised to know
So I will tell you what I've just heard
That from childhood he has been an anorak car nerd!! 
Dr Roger Black-Death

And so to Jen..My Mother Hen
She keeps her eye on me
She's pestering me to join her to climb Kili
But first it's Italy
Jen - so hungry she was
prepared to eat wood....
(Philip, Christian stop
 sniggering at the back)

Straight out of Dad's Army Stores supply
With special brim to keep sand out the eye
Were fancy helmets for Niel & Nicky.
Whose gloves were smelly & most sticky.
Why was this, we wondered why?
Til we saw the glint in Niel's eye
With telescopic sights all set to go
Who do you think you're kidding Mr Castro?
Mrs B with her cycle helmet.

 looks like it was another
  muddy day at the office for me....

I did arrive clean at the end of
a couple of rides.....honest....

Has the Dagenham dustbin been laid to rest?
Have you not seen Phil's manly chest?
No Escort required. No Ford Orion
He focussed his sights onto the horizon
The rest of us could only marvel
At the speed & power of the dashing Blue Oval !

Tony The Dubliner did the boot camp lots & lots
But was oh so unlucky to fall ill with the trots !
He went to his hotel room to recover from the heat
To find a brand new toilet but ALAS no toilet seat!!
Tony - before Andrea got to his water bottle
- I think he has got some of my mud.

 Our friend from North America was on an adventure
Was this however a case of dementia?
Unable to name a famous Canadian
From that great & mighty Nation
What about anything a countryman had invented?
Could Jeanette perhaps be getting demented?
A vegetarian vegan.......Whatever next?
The famous item was her green cycling vest !
 Jeanette, I was only this
far behind, on a 1 Inch = 1 Mile scale


Hans Christian Jesper is a transport buff
Pedalling so fast on terrain so rough
Full of guff on the reddish stuff
Made of bananas known as ketchup!
Jesper - tried to convince Ian & Roger
that Cuban Ketchup's main ingredient
was banana....

And so to me "failed pop-star" OAP
This is what Roger penned about me!!

Ian was our thinnest member
Novice cyclist but serious contender.
Pedalling frantically but talking faster
Showing his comrades who was faster.
His slim profile was enhanced
By his camera stuffed down his pants!
Thus he excited every local
Who all became extremely vocal.
It fell into a foetid crack
Did the unfortunate Kodak !
Alas the sweat of his crotch
Proved for the camera just too much !!
 Ian, where did I stuff my camera?

First in the pool First in the sea
I wonder who on earth that can be?
He removed his footwear so we could all inhale
A pungent aroma, exceedingly stale.
Even worse was the halitosis
Athlete's Foot was the diagnosis!
On the tarmac Gracita could be seen
Pedalling furiously to keep up with Mr Bean !
Yes David is a quirky guy. Doesn't do the norm.
Hardly wears his helmut.Hates having to conform.
Totally anti PC. Won't bother to put on the deet
Then takes his shoes off in the bus.
Oh God ,It's those smelly smelly feet !
David - Look no hands...


Thanks to Exodus,Jose Loius, Alexis.& of course our great guide Freddie
Who between them all ensured us well informed & ready.
So have we all enjoyed the trip? I CERTAINLY know we have.
Despite some of the group spending too much time "sat on the lav"
Some of us also suffered from a very sore bum
Soon remedied by a tot of white rum
Freddie - Tour Guide

Alexis - our driver


The country is so fascinating. There's been lots for us to see.
Just a pity we could never find drinkable milk or a decent cup of tea!
So all of us together stand .This is what we say
"Viva La Cuba! Viva La Cuba". OLE OLE OLE !!!!!!!


To finish off some final images of our  Cuba trip - Would we go with Exodus again - 100% yes 

Me and my Shadow - David was apperntly part
of the 1834 slave revolt......

Military precision as Libby and Graham
lead the 2010 bike revolution....

They had orderd matching black uniforms for
everyone but they were still in the post.... 

Mirror lake....

David - look no feet

I was not aware it had to be only one or the other.....

Tony speeding through in search of a toilet....

Another day another view

Only another 80km to go....

Trinidad - Old town square

Is that Oasis on the Cuban leg of their tour?

The Cuban Police seemed pretty relaxed

The world famous Cuban drag act..

Roger tries to explain one of his complex
life theories to Mrs B

Hope this gives you some idea of the scenery
that we got to cycle through.

I was so intent on getting ahead
taking pictures of everyone
and then trying to catch up
that I've only now started to
appreciate the landscape....

Mrs B and Mega Mini Beast were trying to take a
picture of the nice rock when this Lizard
walked into shot....How rude....
Roger could probably tell you
The make
The model
the year of make
the MPH
the engine size
The designer

While all I can tell you that it is green,
not very helpful unless you are colour blind.

For any colour blind people grateful for
 my assistance I will happily accept  
cash or cheques

Feeding time at the Zoo

The Cuban moon liked to come out during the day

Actually I'm not sure if I ever saw it out at night

I wonder if it is afraid of the dark?

You could  play Catchprase with this

Roy Walker - "Say what you see"

Contestent - "Is it a pool with rocks"

Roy Walker - "It's a good answer, but not what's on the card"
Under his breath "Where do they get these idiots from?"

The Peleton has yet another photo finish

One last look at that little puppy

And to balance the books for you cat lovers....

At last Freddie gets his spinach
 ration but still comes in last.

 Lou, never one to miss out on
 a quick photo opportunity.

 "Che" Guevara

A bit of info for you

Che was just a nickname, his real name
 was Ernesto. Che means somthing like mate  
and is an expression used by many Argentinians. 
So I guess Ernesto probably over used it when he first
 met  his Cuban revolutionary friends, who adopted it
 for him.

He's lucky he didn't call them somthing rude.
I'm not sure "Shit for brains" Guevara would have
 had the same gravitas .. 

Mrs B, happy to be almost there....

Mrs B salutes putting the end of
 her suffering behind her.

Hope you enjoyed the Cuba review - next week it's back into the daily grind of life in Bishop's Stortford. feel free to drop in and say hello.....

Friday, 12 November 2010

From well travelled cake to Che Guevara - Cuba part 2

Cuban Cycle Tour (part 2)

I’m afraid, unlike last week, there is a bit of text to wade through before you get to the pictures, so without further ado let me take you back to the day of our departure for Cuba.

No dramas on the way to or at the airport - we were even within the weight limits for our luggage for once (well checked-in luggage anyway). However, The Beast had gone as hand luggage and brought his entire entourage of lenses with him, which managed to make my hand luggage at least twice and heading for three times the allowance. I just about managed to do the nonchalant stroll up to check-in, hiding the strain that comes with the lifting of excess weight. If you looked carefully the veins in my temple were straining and my feet were making dents in the floor if I stayed in one place for too long. I also had to lean slightly forward to prevent myself toppling over backwards. All in all a performance worthy of an Oscar – or possibly a Raspberry…..

Officially Cuba runs a dual economy, with much prized tourist currency being used to purchase anything, but at a high price while a local currency could be used to buy nothing but at a much more reasonable price. This leads to the locals being desperate to get hold of the tourist currency and so you see them trying to sell Cigars and the local currency (but not cake, see below) to tourists. Credit card usage is almost non-existent and ‘hole in the wall machines’ (ATM) are very rare sight indeed. It took us almost a week to track down a working ATM and we were running pretty short of funds at that stage. Despite the many warnings to bring lots of cash into the country with us, we thought we could get by, as we normally do, with credit card purchases and using the well hiodden ATM machine network.

It is an amazing place - trapped as it is in a time warp, caught somewhere between early 50’s America and late 60’s USSR (P.S. that is not a good thing, loads of concrete and very little in the way of design. We can probably thank the fall of the Soviet Union in the 90’s for Cuba not being entirely concreted over). This lends the place a certain charm, in that where else in the world can you go where there is hardly any advertising, no McDonald’s, no Starbucks? Any advertising that exists is almost exclusively for a revolution that happened over 50 years ago and a product called “Che Guevara”, some sort of Argentinean import. The closest the Cubans get to franchising is a charming little custom of wandering around carrying a cake. Really not sure what this was all about but in almost every town there was at least one person carrying a highly decorated cake with them. Is it a bit like 'Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy where Ford Prefect convinced Arthur Dent to take a towel with him on his travels?

'A towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitch hiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitch hiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitch hiker might accidentally have "lost". What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with.'
Quotation from The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

'A cake has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a tourist discovers that a local has a cake with him, they will automatically attempt to take his picture and then try to force large amounts of tourist currency on them. Furthermore, the Tourist will then introduce the cake carrier to other tourists who will attempt to take his picture before trying to force more tourist currency on them. If there are enough tourists in the vicinity then the Cuban Cake carrier can become extremely rich and can then afford to hire other Cubans to carry cakes for them (thus the franchise concept I mentioned earlier) . What the tourists think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of Cuba, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his cake is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with and rewarded’
Quotation - From well travelled cake to Che Guevara by  B lackLOG

Or perhaps the cake is an unofficial third currency, the Cuban equivalent of AMEX –

Cuban shop keeper – “How will sir/madam be paying for this cake?”
Cuban Cake carrierproduces slightly street-soiled cake
Csk - That will do nicely….”

"Clearly a Cuban to be
 reckoned with"

I feel genuinely sad to see much of the country's glorious infrastructure in such sad decline. Like a once popular British seaside town fading into obscurity as the holiday crowds leave in droves, heading off for the sun, sea and sangria of warmer climes. Actually no, scrub that, it’s more like Bishops Stortford since the local council stopped caring about the place and started lining their own pockets.* Little wonder I felt so at home.

* OK, I have no proof of this but the alternative is that the BS council is truly incompetent beyond all comprehension, opting for a 1960’s USSR concrete utopian nightmare look rather than trying to maintain a traditional old Market Town style.

The accommodation was pretty mixed, ranging from a five star modern hotel to Spanish Colonial influenced villas built in the 1800’s with ceilings so high there were probably entire solar systems hiding behind the lamp shades (or were they satellites?), to a couple of Siberian Gulag-style holiday camps that make Butlins look like a destination for the hip and trendy.

The majority of the island is full of friendly but fairly poor people; they seem to have enough food but little in the way of luxuries. We visited a couple of houses and were made very welcome.  What we came across was perhaps a TV, some chairs, a ramshackle bed, a cooker but very little else. Almost nothing is thrown away but mended, recycled** and made use of. It does make you question the materialistic-driven world we live in. Do I really need all the electronic crap and dumb gadgets that I swamp my life with…….? Not even a slight hesitation

You bet your life I do…..

They might be happy in their simple lives but maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week but soon, very soon there will be another new box containing yet another “soon to be broken” dream that can’t hope to live up to the hype that made me buy it ….and I can’t wait. What can I say? I’ve been ruined already and to misquote Madonna – “I’m just a material boy…..”

** Although I never saw it myself some of the group claimed to have seen some of the bars/restaurants washing the straws to use again….

Where we tourists have already started to wear a typical holiday path you can see the detrimental effect already starting to rear its ugly head. Some examples:-

The people, who start dressing up for photos, then thrust themselves, uninvited, in front of your lens and demand an appearance fee***. We even saw a couple of Dachshunds which had been dressed up by their owner. I refused to take the bait…..although in a strange way it did work…..I had hoped Mrs B might take a snap of them but alas no…..

*** There was a couple in our group who managed to walk into a lot of photos but as far as I can tell this was not for any commercial gain (unless they were taking bets on how many photos they could ruin) but more of a general unawareness of their surroundings…..

Trinidad the city with the 125% expectancy rate
Almost every one of the inhabitants of Trinidad, who I came across, either had a small child in tow or patted their belly as I passed and claimed they were pregnant (this even included a couple of men). They then requested money, some of them being more persistant than the old Child Support Agency….

Cuban entrepreneur – “Senor, I have a gift for you” – producing a Grasshopper fashioned from grass
Me – “No thanks”
CE – “It is a gift”
Me – “Honestly, No”
CE – “I will be offended”
He forced a grass Grasshopper into my top pocket
CE - “What gift have you got for me?”
Me – “I have a grass Grasshopper you can have”
I handed it back

The grass Grasshopper entrepreneur

Next week I will actually cover the cycling aspect of the tour and hope to bring you a contribution from a couple of the people who were in our cycling group.

A couple of Gigs to report
Mrs B managed to miss both of these as she ended up at a work seminar.  The Beast also failed to make them as I could not face trying to smuggle him in – Instead I borrowed Mrs B’s Mega Mini Beast which is excellent for video but not so great for low light photography of an indoor gig…..

OMD at Hammersmith Odeon Sunday 7th
This was a bit of an odd affair with a much older audience than I usually come across. Even without looking at them you could tell they were older crowd, this was because :-

  • They were all excessively polite, no barging past but a shed full of “excuse me's” and “No, after you” were being bandied about.
  • Lots of straining to read their tickets and seat numbers
  • When they went to the toilet they all washed their hands…..
The music itself was brilliant, lead singer Andrew McCluskey has not lost his voice but the way he danced made me feel like I was watching a cover band with an embarrassing arthritic riddled Grandad jerking around on the stage.

Andrew McCluskey the missing link between
your Grandad and Rock 'n' Roll? 

Marina & the Diamonds – Camden Roundhouse Monday 8th
I discovered that The Diamonds is not the name of her backing band but Marina’s name for her fans. Most of whom are under 5 feet small and come attached to a really screechy high pitched voice and at least one parent. With the enforced absence of Mrs. B I had talked my young friend Joe (clocking in at 23 he was much closer to the average age of the gig (about 14) than me) into joining me. I did have a slight problem with one of her stage pronouncements:–

“I promise I won’t ever take my fans for granted”

I take myself for granted sometimes so how is she going to manage not to take the whole of her fan base for granted? It sounded about as convincing as the time Boy George said he had never and would never take drugs…..I believe he was high when he said that, just as I felt taken for granted when Marina made the statement. Perhaps she only meant it for her under 5 feet fan base.

Other than this slight blip****, Marina certainly has stage craft and presence in abundance, leaving Joe and I mesmerised (Don’t worry Mrs B, at 25 she is way too young for me….or put it another way I’m way too old for her. Plus there is the whole Welsh thing going on, not that I have anything against the Welsh other than they are.... well, Welsh really.) In short, and I’m not having a pop at her young fans, it was a great gig.

**** Perhaps I’m over analyzing a throwaway line as I try desperately to recreate my angst ridden teenage years

Marina - promises not to take me for granted
Are you listening Mrs B?
"Are you satisfied?" 

A Record of the week

Revolution – The Beatles
Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) - OMD
Are you satisfied? live - Marina and the Diamonds
Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds

Photo finish
Some more pictures from Cuba - I'm really proud that,other than a bit of cropping, the pictures are as taken so no photoshop action on the sunrise....This week it's the faces, places and creatures of Cuba. I'm saving the cycle shots till next week.

Mrs B catches a Cuban thief red pawed

Cuban sunrise

Where are all the unhappy Cubans?

You would get crabby too if you spent so long in the saddle

The cat bike mechanic

It may have taken a couple of hours but the
 Dragonfly gave in and agreed to be
photographed in flight

The Cuban Chuckle Brothers

The Cuban dental plan seems to be working

Trinidad - I think everyone is indoors getting pregnant.

The bushes can be very shy and try to
hide behind the inhabitants

Cuban political prisoner

The Cuban clean air policy could do with some work

Compulsory crash helmets never quite took off in Cuba

Don't worry his bite is worse than his bark

Mrs B keeps an eye on the taxi driver

At the end of every rainbow is a stale bread breakfast

Perhaps being a second hand Banana salesman
was not such a great career choice for this
chap. It helps if you can lift your produce
(Thanks to  Mrs. B and
 Mega Mini Beast for this shot)

Judith Charmers shows the bad side of too long in the sun 

Hope to catch you next week