Thursday, 20 August 2009

If a picture paints a thousand words......

....Then I fear you readers are in trouble as this weeks BlackLOG has gone all pictorial on us.....

We start off with U2 at Wembley Stadium.

For some reason U2 have decided to take
a Giant Sea-slug and stretch it over a
pommel horse. I'm just glad they failed
to find a huge gymnast to go with it.

As you can see, our seats were not that
close to the stage. Thankfully the live
sound quality was brilliant (almost like
being at a Britney concert but without
the bit where she attempts to sing one of
her songs live. Oh and with decent music.)

I never thought I would say it but I love
the new Wembley Stadium. It's just like
being at an intimate gig with only 87,999
other people watched through the wrong end
of a high powered telescope

I would like to apologise to our friends Craig and Mala. When I said that I would drive, I forgot to mention that we would have to park the other side of London. I think it took us longer to walk back to the car than the 35 mile drive back home. For the record if we had gone home by tube we would probably still be in the queue.... A final note on a brilliant evening - Mala and Craig had totally different opinions on travelling home in the back of ElleGee, with the roof down. Craig was like a dog with his head hanging out of the window, loving every second. I just hope he did not catch too many flies on his tongue. Mala on the other hand spent most of the trip with her head under a blanket and proclaimed it to be the worst journey she had ever had. So truly a split decision...

Triathlon training in Southwold
Well almost. We splashed about in wet-suits for a bit and failed to run or cycle. Got some nice pictures though....Next BlackLOG I'll run you through the gadgets that I have got for training which are going to fail to get us through the event.

What it says on the box....

It looks like the owner only managed to sell
the bottom half of their house

How strange. An inland Lighthouse - it's
probably why Southwold is so prosperous,
luring unsuspecting ships onto the beach...

I love these coloured garden sheds on the
beach. I just wonder how much they cost?

Only the English No.1 - Could any other
nation produce such wonderful people? For
the record just like Scott of the Antarctic
they fell short of reaching their goal - The
beach was just another 50 metres further on.
I think you will agree it was a brave effort

We were going to buy one but they did not have
the colour we were after......

Only the English No.2 - This pair got even
closer to the beach and then got distracted
by an overgrown bush. What a riveting
afternoon they must have had.

By popular demand (i.e a couple of people requested) some more shots from Sicily

Odd shaped tomatoes, certianly look good in the photo.

Our niece Trinity looking through
the market stalls

Fresh squid and prawns

Big sis relaxing at the villa

The Sicilian version of Del Boy - Everything
on his stall was No.1 quality in Sicily,
unfortunately for him he offered me a taste
of his No.1 sun dried tomatoes - they were
like strips of leather not sure about sun
dried, more like nuclear blasted....

Sicilian parking - yes the black car is parked!!!

The boy can fly I tell you...

The arch of a Sicilian church

Like a lost scene out of the Alien
film, the crew burst fourth from the
belly of the pool

All photo's taken with my Nikon D700 - except the ones at U2 (it's a bit unsubtle to try and sneak in a full SLR camera with a 70-200 zoom lens) . We are off to the V music festival this weekend, so expect more photos next week fingers crossed I can get the D700 through the security (they activly encourage camera use, but it's not clear if that just means the small point and shoot ones ....


  1. Love the picture of the garden sheds on the beach. Do you think they use them to garden beach grass? I'm stealing it to put on my desktop. The pool one is awesome too, reminds me of a roman fountain...or sicilian fountain I guess.

    That is awesome you saw Gene Hackman. Is he retired or what? Haven't seen him in anything in a long time!

  2. Those tomatoes are.....weird. It's like they are the offspring of a tomato and a rogue head of garlic. Which would taste really good, come to think of it.

  3. Nikki These are not just any garden sheds they are £50,000 garden sheds.... if you go onto my "About me" page and let me know your contact details I'll send you the full size version of the shed picture.

    The Gene Hackman ski incident was about 15 years ago, he was not looking great then, so god knows what he looks like now....

  4. LOTH they probably look good in slices on a plate but I would not trust them to keep vampires away....

  5. I went to see U2 on Thursday in Sheffield and thought they were amazing. I'm not their biggest fan but them lads know how to put on a show (apart from the 5 minute preachy rant towards the end).

  6. Great photos, really enjoyed them, the sister looks well, and relaxed. The Beach Chalets are a feature of the eastern coast, we must take you to see the ones at Sutton on Sea. Hilarious (and much cheaper).

  7. CS I agree with you on the preachy rant being a shame. I guess it did publicise the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners in Burma, A perfectly good cause but unless you are going to make a difference it just ends up using someone to get a crowd reaction.

  8. Skipper Yes the sister is very well but then again she does like her sunshine.

    I'm just glad that our friend Mitch did not see the price of the sheds. I suspect he would have wanted to charge us for constructing the one he designed and built for us....

    Looking forward to a trip to Sutton on Sea. Mrs B would like to make sure they do fresh Donuts before agreeing to a visit....

  9. We went and saw Muse at Wembley last year - brilliant sound even it was like watching ants running round on a tiny stage - we were about 10 rows from the very top of the stadium! And we got home via British Rail, my first experience of being part of a crowd control - loads of mounted police, etc. Scary.

    NB: would love to have seen U2, but Mr Imo saw them (more then once) at the start of their career, i.e. up close and sweaty and doesn't want to mar his memories!

  10. IMO Tell Mr IMO he is being mean. Everyone should have the chance to see U2 at least once.....

    I saw muse at the V festival last year - didn't really get into them, perhaps they need to be seen from a long way away....


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