Friday, 17 May 2013

Mrs B gets plastered

After spending a week swaying awkwardly from side to side while trying to walk, I finally persuaded Mrs B to visit A&E. 

She had been attempting an amazing bicycle trick, which involved taking her right foot out of the peddle clip while simultaneously and with an elegance that unfortunately failed to defeat gravity, toppling to the left. Frankly it could do with a bit of work as the end result was little more than a very sore and swollen ankle. 

Hey , you, yes you, sniggering at the back….If you think you can take on this tough little cookie, be warned - Mrs B's pain threshold is remarkably high. Some regular readers may recall that a couple of years ago she managed to walk around on a broken leg for two weeks. This time it was a week’s worth of excruciating pain on a broken ankle. With the broken leg Mrs B got away with a few weeks in an air boot – but this one is a bit more serious and she finds herself encased in a full plaster cast, facing the possibility of six or more weeks on crutches….. 

A less than happy Mrs B with her new footwear...
I'm not sure it will catch on as a fashion statement.

On a positive note at least her cast matches our
Coffee Machine so it won't clash with our kitchen...

So no need to have the Kitchen revamped then.
Bishop's Stortford Music Festival
After three days of glorious sunshine, this year’s Bishops Stortford festival returned, a bit like Glastonbury, after taking a year off. The organisers had decided, probably wisely, not to take on last year’s dual challenge of the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. It opened promptly at 11am on Saturday morning and the inevitable rain arrived shortly afterwards. Mrs B bravely decided to rest her ankle, leaving The Beast and me to venture forth alone. It was far from a lonely event though as I ran into numerous friends and acquaintances.

Photo Finish
This weeks photo section is dedicated to the Bishops Stortford Music Festival and sees The Beast back in action. I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked, as I didn't want to abandon Mrs B for the entire weekend.  So did a couple of late afternoon/evening stints.

Ghost of Samantha

Singles include


reminds me of a poor man's Kate Nash

The Randoms

Not a music group, just a bunch of people who saw
The Beast and asked if I would take their picture.

 They then just wondered off,  not asking what
 I was likely to do with the shot .  OK so they didn't
make the local paper but there is a good
chance  they will be seen around the world.

If you want to adopt any of them, all you  have
to do is supply a name   and as much
 beer  as they can drink.....
Our friend Ash

Although he hasn't released any singles
he is currently "single".  For anyone interested he
 has all his own teeth - some of them in his mouth....
Fred's House
Vix - lead singer

check out the following songs
Fine Life
Waterloo Sunset
Someone Else's Road
Death by Sexy
You can check out their video
 A catchy little number
Jimmy - Vocals and Guitar
I'm guessing he is the Death part of the band...

Charis - Bass
Sarah - Synth
Belle - Drums
Hazel - Guitar
The Broken Chords

Joe - Lead Singer

The Broken Chords - Son of a Gun

A little on the heavy side for my liking.....

Benjamin Bloom
Benjamin discovers self brain surgery
 isn't  as easy as it first looked....

Probably best not to try this one out at
 home...even with NHS 111 as a safety net
The Christians
The headline - unfortunately I didn't stay for long. While I have always liked the Christians' Music I associate it with bad times. I was listening to one of their albums when one of our cats ,Byron, was killed.  I thought I would have got over it after almost 20 years....but sadly no it brought back too many bad memories...So I took a few shots and left after a couple of songs.....Shame - good singer and some great songs

Garry Christian

The sole remaining Christian brother
 from the original line-up....
Hits include

Forgotten Town
- Sounds like Bishop's Stortford

Hooverville (And They Promised us the World)

Harvest for the World
 And in the end
Time for bed said Zebadee - even though
Florence had not made it again this year....
Catch you next time.....


  1. Looks like a good time to be found at the music festival.

    I hope Mrs. B's ankle heals quickly. I can't imagine being on crutches for 6 weeks. Used them for a week once, long ago in another life. Lucky for everyone around me I had pain meds to go with it. I like how her nail polish matches so well and look on the bright side- At least it isn't the middle of winter so her toes won't freeze off...

    1. Yeah - it's a nice little festival - it started to expand a few years ago and over stretched itself a bit – it’s gone back to basics and is probably the better for it…

      Thanks One Bad Pixie I’ll pass your good wishes on about the leg… she is certainly not a patient, patient so I will cheer her up with your comment about her matching nail polish.

      P.S. keep off those crutches….

  2. I've two friends who broke their fibula just above the ankle and another who broke his ankle recently - must be something in the air! Commiserations to Mrs B.

    1. Sounds like Mrs B has joined some sort of broken leg gang....maruading across the land like the limping dead....

  3. Best wishes to Mrs B, I hope she is back on her feet as soon as.
    You mention kitchen decor... did you ever find out what caused all the kitchen paint to peel off the walls..? Or did I miss this post?

    1. SB - I'm not sure if I ever did complete the Kitchen paint saga... I guess it was getting too darn depressing. It all came down to poor preparation on a previous paint job (probably Mrs B when she had time to do that sort of thing – I was always far too busy spending my valuable time avoiding doing anything as mundane as decorating) and the problems of the modern environmentally friendly paint that they flog you these days. Talk about clingy, a bit like a mental ex partner (we all have one – or in some cases more than one) who you can’t shake off and who goes to pieces when you try and pin them to a wall. A bit of money and someone else’s expertise eventually rectified the problem for us…. I’ll pass on your best to Mrs B

  4. Hubby hobbled around on a broken foot for a week and he was convinced it was just bruised so he sounds like he would get on well with Mrs B. Hope she heals quickly and is out of that cast soon.

    Love the photos as usual.

  5. I don't know how we put up with these macho types....A bit of pain sees me rolling around like a professional footballer who has just realised that he is in the penalty area and someone has breathed on them…


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