Saturday, 7 March 2015

If a deal sounds too good to be true…. bite their hand off

Deal of the week

I finally got fed up with the rubbish mobile signal we get at home and paid £100 for a "sure signal" box… It worked brilliantly..... for 24 hours and then it stopped. I took it back for a replacement but the shop had none in stock, so I got my money back. I checked the internet for reviews and happened to read that if you called customer services and threatened to leave they would give you a discount on the box. 

 I called and was told that if I upgraded my phone contract they would give me a sure signal box for free. It didn’t sound like it was going to be much of a deal if I ended up paying more per month. So I reluctantly asked what the upgrade was…. For £14 less (yes less) a month, I could have an extra 2GB of 4G data and the same calls and text package, free 12 month subscription to Sky Mobile  and a free £100 sure signal box….

I bit their hand off …..


Now I just have to hope the replacement box lasts longer than 24 hours…
50 shades round up (fingers crossed the final word on the subject)
Great news - the director and writer are at war and the male lead, Jamie Dornan’s wife has banned him from the sequel so it looks increasingly unlikely that there will be a second helping.

This is bad news for the woman who got so excited while watching 50 Shades at her local cinema  that she ended up in hand cuffs – surely not the best move by the police – The one action guaranteed to give the poor woman multiple orgasms and demanding to be whipped because she had been “A bad little girl….” 

C.A.C.T.U.S round-up   

Attendees (10th Feb) The 7th film for 2015 – Wedding Ringers
Surprisingly good, which was a bit unexpected – probably relief that I was not watching 50 shades.


C.A.C.T.U.S attendees (17th Feb) The 8th film for 2015 – The second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Brilliant it made me want to go back to India (we had just returned from India when we saw the original film) – The only problem was that I was laughing so much I missed some of the dialogue. Cinema needs to get with the times and include a rewind, pause and in some cases a delete function....definitely a delete function.   


C.A.C.T.U.S running totals

Niel (8)
Marb (6)
Penny (5)
Natalie (4)
Al (4)
Mrs B (2)
Mark (2)
Lisa (2)

Photo Finish
A taster for the next blog - some pictures from our trip to the Velopark in Stratford

Jack Bobridge - Australi

Revolution series - Round 5 

Laura Trott - who just wins everything....

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