Thursday, 19 June 2008

How to artificially inflate your readership

With the BlackLOG fast approaching its first 1,000 hits (I’m sure I can’t be held responsible for more than 900 of those hits, OK, 950 tops) I’ve discovered the perfect way to get people to read a Blog, it’s called “force”…. Apparently one of the partners in my firm makes all the staff who report to him read his Blog. I was trying to figure out how he could do this. Was he testing them on the Blog content? No, No, way better than that. Apparently in between his drivel about golf, his cats etc (god it sounds as dull as the BlackLOG) he puts the department work schedule. How cool (or should that read cruel)is that?

Sorry to those of you who got all excited and thought the title of this week's BlackLOG would involve lurid descriptions of pumping some sort of gas into people until they float off into the stratosphere….

Please excuse me, I'm just off to try and dig some dirt about you, which I can then use to Blackmail you into following a rigorous reading schedule for future editions of the BlackLOG. Ha! 1,000 hits in six months, let's try and make the next 1'000 in three....

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