Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The almost patented McG wake up alarm system

I'm afraid the Mitch/Joyce wedding and Alaska cruise Blog (possibly series of Blogs if my past holiday blogs are anything to go by) is still in post production. In the meantime I thought you might appreciate a classic little video clip that has been doing the rounds. This also marks a first for the BlackLOG, a video that I have actually managed to load onto the site. I discovered that the previous videos I tried to load were about 10x over the size limit. Doh!

Until now I assumed that any night time injuries that occurred to me were the results of unprovoked attacks from "sleep Ninja Mrs B". I now have video evidence, via Catcam, to show the true culprit (I assume that this was filmed by Mischief and then transcribed, like a court sketch, as Mrs B does not like pictures of her Boudoir being released in case anyone recognises and attempts to kidnap our bedspread....)

Please note the "almost patented McG
alarm system" and "sleep Ninja Mrs B"
are not available in the shops

More cat news
Apparently I'm not the only one who McG is doing damage to. The latest visit to the vets turned into yet another embarrassing trip for me. Not only did I get another lecture about McG's less than silf-like state, this time from I have to be honest, a scale-challenging veterinary nurse. The one sided conversation went something like this

SVN :- "Have you thought about exercise?"

Me :- Shrug of shoulders.... Cue thought bubble "Have you ever though about it!! cause it doesn't look like you have ever tried it""

SVN :- "cutting back would be a start"

Me :- Thought bubble "McG might have eaten all the pies but looks like you ate everything else"

McG just sat there with a "Are you really going to take advice from lumpy?" expression on his ickle face

Then both McG and Mischief turned claw on the Vet and at least one of them drew blood. This probably accounts for the much higher veterinary bill than usual.

McG goes that extra mile to lose the lbs

Fortunately they don't make a cat harness big enough for McG. Let's face it walking Big G
would be a new low, even for my rubbish reputation


  1. sylph, Mr Black, the word is sylph - haha, at last, I can express my pedantic nit-picking with spelling and semantics through 'comments', now you have shown me the way...

  2. Teach, what can I say, so nice to have you back on my case. In defence of Mrs B's editing of the BlackLOG she did try to get me to change it to Sylph but I managed to fool her by showing a number of instances of Silf using Google. Besides I was running short of Y's. Fortunately I have had a recent delivery so can now use y to my hearts content.


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