Wednesday, 2 September 2009

V2009 - Day Two

For the Sunday, at this year's V Music Festival, we decided to stand back a bit, affording Mrs B a better view, although it did not reduce the chance of being covered in beer thrown from behind (at least you hope it's beer.......eeeuuww). It would be nice if the drunken yobs who do this would get their comeuppance, but you know they won't. Anyway, having stood further back, I would then take the beast (My D700 Nikon camera, with a perv lens - BlackLOG see Day One ) on little excursions, fighting my way to as near to the front as the crowd would allow. I would then take a few shots before making a strategic withdrawal. It worked, allowing me to get some good shots and allowing Mrs B to enjoy the day with out being crushed, bumped and soaked. Well almost, a strange trend developed through the day. I would leave Mrs B in loads of space and return 20 mins later, to find still loads of space but a number of people crowded right in front of Mrs B, not only encroaching her personal space but blocking her view. I would then have to chase them away with the beast. I know Mrs B is irresistible but this was ridiculous.....

The first year we went to V, in 2007, the organisers rather helpfully provided the running times for the acts about two weeks in advance (huge big grins and three cheers for the organisers). This allowed me to create a music selection matrix (I know, I know, anal or what?) and plan the weekend with military-style precision. While it may not have resolved any musical clashes, it did allow for us to get any awkward conversations about who we would see, decided in advance. The last two year's the organisers have provided the running order only, with no times (Boo hiss).
Even worse, the times shown on the little printed booklets, sold on the day, in 2008,was wrong.  This lead us to arrive late for a number of the sets until we cottoned on and adjusted ourselves to the festivals own unique time zone. This year I took the running order and used the times from two years ago as a guide. Amazingly the times were all spot on, certainly on the Saturday and would have been on the Sunday if the headliners (no show northern gits) had not pulled out, forcing the schedule for the main stage to shuffle around like a small kid wanting to go pee pee.

Ok, ok, I've prattled on for long enough here is the bit that most of you have come for. The photo's....

Clearly some people didn't make it back to their
tent after enjoying themselves the night before.
I would love to claim that this was early in the
morning but we didn't get to Hylands park till
gone midday. That must have been some night!!!.

Lightning Seeds
First up for us was Ian Broudie and the
Lightening Seeds. Very enjoyable and a
surprise for Mrs B who knew a lot more
of the songs then she thought she would.
He could have shaved though.

Not sure which Proclaimer brother this is?
I suspect it's the other one!!!

All I know is they got a huge cheer for
"500 miles". I do fear for their act however,
as they already seem to have lost the iconic
red hair. If they lose the Scottish accent
while they are singing then it's back to oblivion
for them.

Good News Bad News

You can just imagine how well this news
went down with the crowd. From our point
of view we got as close to seeing them
live as when we attended their Knebworth
gig. We were so far back that, thanks to
the dip at Knebworth we could not see the
stage so ended up watching them on the
video screens. Deep Joy!!!Not....

Considering Aimless Winebucket and Pete
Snorterty, the traditional king and queen
of no show, actually both made it, Aimless
was not even scheduled to appear. Truly
putting the Gallagher's to shame.

At least this news got the day back on track


Joel Pott, lead singer of Athlete. Risked
the wrath of the crowd by attempting to
dedicate one of their songs to "Oasis". He
saved himself by switching the dedication
to his Grandfather, before the booing
could drive them off the stage......

Alesha Dixon

We only watched Alesha as there was nothing
else on at the time and we were too lazy to
move from our very good view of the Channel
4 stage. She did a very professional job but
that does not take away the fact that she 
still has an annoyingly squeaky voice (think
Mickey Mouse on Helium)and vacuous songs.

Katy Parry

Katy Perry was surprisingly good live. Just not
sure about those shorts? She also managed to get
one of the best reactions from the crowd when she
covered the Queen classic "Don't stop me now". You
could just imagine Freddie cavorting about in the
shorts and probably the bra as well. Did Katy steal
them from the "I Want To Break Free" video?

Hands up anyone who would like to see
Katy kiss a girl?

No Katy you don't get a vote...

I'm not convinced by Elbow. It's frightening to
think that they were just a Snow Patrol - "no
show" away from being the headline on the main
stage. Perish the thought. I can't think of many
groups who have named themselves after body parts
and been successful. Feel free to correct me, if
you can think of any....

Clearly the person who tried to label 
Mark Potter's anatomy, does not know 
their arse from their elbow.

It's hardly Rock 'n' Roll when Guy Garvey, the
Elbow Lead singer, tells his mosh pit (probably
just one guy bobbing gently up and down) to calm
down as there are children in the audience!!!
Begging the question was this a rock concert or
listen with Mother?

It would have been better if Guy had said "F***ing
children" at least we could have enjoyed the irony
of the statement.....

It's not good when you have a lead singer who
looks like he got rejected from the Wombles..
.....Shame he didn't try and clear some of the
litter while he was there.

Not sure if this is revellers basking in
the glow of the Elbow stage show or
onlookers caught in the glare of a Bikini
island style Nuclear test. Not as far
fetched as it sounds: the UK's "Top Secret
(apart from the signs pointing it out)
Nuclear bunker" is only a couple of miles
away from Hyland park.

Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol get to headline at last. I'm sure
there is no truth in the rumour that Gary
Lightbody told Noel Gallagher that his brother
Liam had hidden Noel's favourite teddy bear....

With the smoke and lights it looks more like
Jason Connolly of Snow Patrol is playing an
intimate jazz venue rather than a huge open
air gig....

Gary Lightbody the lead singer of Snow Patrol
- I did say in the last BlackLOG that the later
it gets the harder it is to get good pictures
as the lightbody fades

Although there was no fighting or storming off stage
style tantrums, Snow Patrol still managed to put on
a good show.

Fans just chilling
Why Captain America made an appearance I don't
know. I'm just glad he had industrial strength
boxer shorts on.....

Is that a chicken on his head? or is a
human on Foghorn Loghorns' bottom?

Hippy chicks - looks like the one on the right
washed her hair in beer, in order to avoid the
huge queues for drinks...

Looks like this couple are having difficulties
deciding what they want to see next. If only
they had a BlackLOG style matrix;this all could
have been resolved in advance.

Looks like this young lady has got
a bit of a cider head on.....

I just wish that I had asked what it was
all about. I do love the fact that she
had cut ear holes out though....

Mrs B in Rock Chick mode. She was a bit put out
that there were no pictures of her in last week's
BlackLOG. How times have changed. I remember the
early days when Mrs B would get upset if she got
a mention ......

The look of love, or is she just trying to get
him to spend the next 2 hours queuing to get
her a drink.... ?

You talking to us Punk?

"Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" -
if only Dylan had been at V 2009 that title would 
have worked so much better

I would love to claim that this is an arty
picture - involving shape, light and colour
brought cunningly together to create a
pleasing abstract.

Sadly it's just another example of drunken,
out-of-focus people, demanding that I take
their picture from close up. They did however
take a picture of me holding the beast, which
made for a nice change............


I hear there are plans to ban the huge flags from future festivals. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand they block the view of everyone behind them, which is very annoying. On the other, though, they are very useful for helping get back to your party in the crowd - as long as the flag holder does not move, of course.

Update - I have recently seen a little GPS key ring advertised which can be used to get back to a set spot. This leaves me with no alternative but to jump on the "ban the flags" bandwagon. If only they would come with a device to electrocute drink throwers and litter droppers as well..............

Currently my street cred has been shot to bits - I was asked who was supporting Coldplay, as we are going to see them in a couple of weeks time.  I said "Jay Z" but pronounced it Zed rather than Zee. In my defence I can't stand Hip Hop and I'm not sure if I can bother to get to Wembley early enough to see him.

Noel & Liam are still not talking to each other. The rest of the toys have come out of the pram and there is still no sign of the missing bear.

For those of you who missed it, the story of BlackLOG V2009 - Day One


  1. "music selection matrix"...words fail me. Please don't tell me you used different coloured highlighters on it too?!

    I have to say that I do reckon Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow is a brilliant, brilliant album. It doesn't transfer over into a festival very well though, especially if you don't know the songs. I think it's a gorgeous there!

    I seen Zed J at Glastonbury the other year, swerve him, especially if your not into hip-hop. I'm not into it, not even sure why I watched him, but I did = bad decision.

    Personally, I hate the flags. You can barely see the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury because of them. As you say though, useful to find your way back after a toilet/bar visit. Our crowd normally end up finding each other anyway, we're strangely like homing pigeons.

    Body part band names, howabout:
    Flaming Lips, Talking Heads, The Shins, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? And err a controversial one...Limp Bizkit, only works if you have a weird pet name for your...yeh ok, I know...


  2. CS I hang my head in shame; yes colour coding was involved....

    I am trying to like Elbow, I really am. I Like the odd song but it's just not getting through. Still it took me obver 10 years to get into Tusk - Fleetwood Mac so I haven't given up yet.

    Don't worry zzzz won't be seeing me....

    Good pickup - I should have got Flaming Lips and Talking Heads but “Clap Your hands Say Yeah” are you pulling my Limp Bizkit? I'm not sure I wanted to know your pet name for your little friend. Please cover him with the coat before the BlackLOG gets arrested for gratuitous nudity.....

  3. surely you ought to be able to sell some of these photos? They are stunning. Mrs B looking better than ever - you sure are one lucky fellow!!!

  4. Skipper Thank you, I'm please with the results I'm getting with the beast. I would be more than happy to sell them if there are any buyers out there....

    Believe me I do no how lucky I am.

  5. "...forcing the schedule for the main stage to shuffle around like a small kid wanting to go pee pee."

    Priceless. Simply priceless.

  6. LiLu Of all the things I have ever blogged I could have put money on that one being able to tickle you pink..... Glad you liked it, I'm just off down the bookies to pick up my winnings.....

  7. This is something that's always intrigued me. Where do all the weird festival goers disappear to when they're not living in a field with chickens on their heads, braided dreadlocks and rainbow coloured jumpers - which incidently you never see in the shops to buy.

  8. IMO The jumpers are hand knitted by Grandmothers. I'm still attempting to work out what hallucinogenic drug turns last years horrific christmas present into this years must have festival apperal.

  9. Loving those concert styles. Captain America? You have to imagine he has an entire closet of mascot suits and this is what he picked. It's casual, has a cape. Perfect! Sounds like a blast, love Mrs. B's necklace!

  10. Nikki I suspect CA spends the rest of his life in a suit and a bowler hat.

    You girls do like to support each other on the fashion side. I'll pass the message on..

  11. Great pictures! I'm loving the cider hat with ear holes. Haha.

  12. Brooke Welcome to the BlackLOG. I'm looking forward to the international news in a few weeks time where a new fashion sweeps Lithuania....


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