Saturday, 25 December 2010

McCartney, Shakira and a Stortford Wonderland

After the disappointment of last week’s “James” gig and a journey to forget, we faced a similar trip - only this time we set off in the middle of a snowstorm. As the BMW has a nightmare at just the mention of ice it was our trusty old VW Golf that came out (we got it 12 years ago, travelling over to Belgium to pick it up in the days when it was worth importing a car from Europe). It has not let us down in all that time and is still going strong. I was beginning to regret managing to purchase those Paul McCartney tickets when they put some extra tickets on sale last week.

Despite the weather, the journey was not that bad and we even made it in time to get something to eat. Then because the tickets were purchased only a few days before the event we had to pick them up from the box office. This put us in a queue with Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan and Sharleen Spiteri (Texas lead singer)  waiting patiently behind us. I thought it was a little strange to see the rich and famous rubbing shoulders with us ordinary folk, it was only when we got to the door did it become clear and the line separated into the ‘freebies’ line (i.e guest list) and the ‘hard working citizens who paid for our own’ line. I would have taken a few pictures* of them but thought that might have been a bit dumb since I was trying to smuggle the Mega Mini Beast in and the venue’s security men were only about six feet away…..

* Glad I didn’t, since Mr Brydon failed to mention seeing me and Mrs B in his McCartney Tweet. How rude and unfriendly is that? Clearly not a BlackLOG fan.

Mrs B asked me what all the fuss was and to tell the truth when we saw McCartney in the 90’s I had not been that impressed. I think the venue (Wembley Arena) was wrong and his music was going through a down turn. Hammersmith is a much more intimate venue and PM, despite being 68, was very much back on form. What an incredible back catalogue he has, being able to mix Beatles songs, Wings songs and even some half decent solo work. I always felt that Wings were unfairly judged in comparison to his Beatles work. Listening to them side by side they stood up pretty well and if anything rocked the house more. Where else could you hear the likes of:-

Hey Jude

My Love

Back in the USSR

A Day in the Life

Live and let Die (With full on indoor fireworks and shooting flames – The reviewer in The Times thought it was a bit cheap and tacky while Mrs B and I thought it was pretty impressive and we go to a lot of live music)

Hey Jude

Ob la di- Ob la da (Never one of my favourites but certainly a great sing along live – well probably not for anyone around my out of tune wailing….)

Even a cover of George Harrison’s Something – as McCartney lamented from the stage “always quoted as one of Frank Sinatra’s favourite Lennon and McCartney songs…..”

Well over two hours worth before climaxing with:

Sgt Pepper

And finally

The End

So, just two days later how was Shakira going to follow such a legend of the music industry….?

The answer was with pure, 100%** energy and lots of talent – I was surprised that not only can she dance (we have all seen those video’s), but that Shakira has a decent live voice as well, which did not falter as she sprinted, rolled, stretched and writhed provocatively (I lost count of the number of underwear changes I costume changes that she went through) around the stage.

Mrs B once said that she would only ever contemplate a threesome if it included Kylie....Hmm, I wonder if I could convince her to update that to Shakira. Knowing my luck though, if I ever did manage to convince Mrs B and then talked Shakira into it, Kylie would pop up and prevent it stating a previous verbal agreement.... Oh well, I doubt if I could cope with all that excess energy.... 

It was a bit annoying that the words "No cameras or video allowed" was emblazened in large letters all over the ticket.... I decided not to risk even Mini Mega Beast and found an old camera, in the back of a draw. As it turns out they hardly even checked and besides as Shakira walked down through the center of the crowd, on her way to the stage she stopped and posed for photo's.....Grrr  

** There are certain sayings that really annoy me like:-

When people claimed to put in anything over 100% (normally it seems to be 110%)

The statement – “Back In the day”

One hell of a journey to work
With a good amount of snow finally reaching Bishops Stortford and Mrs B having  bagsied  the Golf,  I was left tentively to take ElleGee (oue rear wheel BMW) out of the garage the other day.  I spent the next half an hour sliding and slipping all over the place, losing the back end numerous times. I even had to get out and put planks and blanket’s under the back wheels a couple of times. I eventually gave up and managed to slide my way back into the garage.

I think a brave effort all around but statistically possibly not that impressive……

Distance travelled – roughly 12 feet (that’s a mind blowing 24 feet an hour. Better buckle up snails it’s going to be one hell of a ride). I never even managed to get the car off the driveway (unless you count sliding into the bushes a couple of times….they needed a bit of a trim anyway). It’s not as if the slope on our drive is that great so a 35 mile trip in the snow and ice was probably not the best of plans. I just hope none of the neighbours were watching or even worse filming – that would probably be a U-Tube clip for sure…

Energy watch

Monitoring our way to a fortune (or not) with our Solar Panels

KW Produced so far - 100

This has earned us approximately – £42.63 so far

A snow and cloud impaired 5kw this week, very poor and hardly worth getting out of bed for....

A record of the week

Hips Don`t Lie- By Shakira

Live And Let Die - by Wings

Hey Jude - by The Beatles

Whenever wherever – by Shakira

Back In The USSR – by The Beatles

She Wolf - by Shakira

Band On The Run – by Wings

And Your Bird Can Sing – by The Beatles

Photo finish
Having failed to take The Beast to either concert I thought I should take him out for a click  to capture Stortford in winter wear.....

Green shoots of recovery?

 Looks like got Tom Sawyer got
board half way through this job....

"Blackbird sing in the dead of night..."
Ok you got me, it's actualy
"A crow flying in the broad day light...."
But there is no McCartney song that covers that

Not exactly Strawberry fields
but at least the colour is correct..

Just be thankful I did not use
"Ice, Ice baby" - Vanilla Ice
as one of the records of the week 

McCartney Hammersmith Appolo (18th December) - taken with Mega Mini Beast
While my Guitar gently weeps - that's not a bass guitar*
Perhaps the rumours are true and Paul did die in the 60's....

* or even a McCartney song title....

What do you mean I'm too old to sing "When I'm 64"?

Lady Madonna, guy Richie half asleep
How will you make end meet...??

Yesterday or Scrambled Eggs to those in the know....

Shakira - Taken with our old Panasonic FZ10 - (O2 20th December).  Just think what The Beast could have made of her....

BlackLOG, Mrs B just for you that
threesome we talked about.... 

Damn should have read that contract a bit better,
not really the three I had in mind....

She Wolf - "Ah-wooo"
Hips don't lie.....
but her feet might fib

Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
so you don't confuse them with mountains

Hope you had a great Christmas and are still enjoying the Festive season, we are off to France for some Skiing , so will catch up next year.....P.S. the cats seemed to be perking up a bit, although McG is throwing a bit of a major strop, as he always does when ever he sees us packing bags.


  1. enjo the skiing, pleased to hear cats improving. H ave often found that the prospct of a 'final journey' makes for mieacle recoveries! Happy New Year.

  2. You guys are having a great holiday with all the entertainment etc. I love Shakira! Paul (not so much). Skiing, adventure! Snow! I hate snow, but then you can't have it all.

  3. skipperthewonderhorse said...
    enjo the skiing, pleased to hear cats improving. Have often found that the prospect of a 'final journey' makes for miracle recoveries! Happy New Year.
    Thanks Skipper, we had a great time in Maribel and our friend Kirsty looked after McG and Mischief admirably. Sorry we missed your bad taste Christmas jumper party…..No honest….Hope to catch up- in the New Year

  4. Linda Medrano said...
    You guys are having a great holiday with all the entertainment etc. I love Shakira! Paul (not so much). Skiing, adventure! Snow! I hate snow, but then you can't have it all.
    We certainly did have a great holiday thanks. Poor old Paul, he was never going to be able to match the Shakira energy but what a back catalogue to fall back on….


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