Sunday, 22 September 2013

V Festival Chelmsford 2014 - Day 2


After spending yonks'  putting the last part of this year’s V-Festival BlackLOG together I went to publish it


The blogging equivalent of a spark, a loud bang, a puff of smoke and an acrid burning smell when you plug your favourite electronic device into the mains….

This was followed by a stunned silence interrupted by occasional bursts of swearing (Think the opening scenes of 4 Weddings and a Funeral, without the alarm clock or mad driving scene )…don’t worry Mrs B was not in the house and I was beyond listening, so no sensitive ears were perverted in the depth of my despair… I sensibly didn’t kick the cats, they would just look disapprovingly at me and then go and crap in my shoes…..

So the master piece I crafted together is lost forever – the full story of the day never to be heard.

You will never know how we were kidnapped and forced to watch the Basement Jaxx or about our daring escape

Instead I have re-load the pictures and will let them tell the story. The blogging equivalent of  a silent movie, with a few shaky cards held up to help the hard of understanding. For the best results try and imagine a piano playing in your head by some mad tone deaf old biddy….

The Saturdays - Main stage

The Saturdays
Being a Sunday it was never really their day...

Scouting for Girls - Main Stage

"Elvis Ain't dead"

Look he's over there in the chip shop near
where Kirsty McColl used to live...
Roy Stride
Auditions for a part in Harry Potter


Jason Mraz - Main Stage

He's American...errr, don't know much else...

Tom O'Dell - Stage 4

"Grow Old With Me"
That's easy for him to say, he
looks about 10......

Olly Murs - Main Stage

"What A Buzz"

The Vaccines - Main Stage

I kind of like them - not sure about Mrs B

I had gone forward to get some snaps when I received this text from Mrs B...

"  Save me from the Vaccines!!!!  ;-( "

"Bad Mood"
Apt for Mrs B
Hands up if you like the Vaccines...

No That's not Mrs B...

Maximo Park


"When I Was Wild"

I think this is Stephanie Pruitt and her young man
what a cute couple they make....

or it's Craig Baily and his girl....

what can I say there were a lot of people there ...

"National Health"
You might need it to treat the ringing in your ears

"Apply some pressure"

Emeli Sande

Emeli looks in  pain as
she reaches for those
elusive high notes...
It's easy to get carried away at a festival....

The Stereophonics - Main Stage

in this case the less Richard Jones

Kelly Jones
fighting to keep control of his guitar break...

"Pick A Part That's New"

"Local Boy In The Photograph"

Charlotte Price and friends...
Looking at the evidence of similar paint
this is either another friend of Charlotte's
or a stalker....

Basement Jaxx - Arena Tent

We were tired and wanted to go home to bed.... we ran into some people who had other ideas....
Mrs B shaking her Basement Jaxx
What ever the hell they are????

Emma - who may have attempted to kidnap us and
force us to watch the BJ's....
Emma's husband and possible accomplice....

until next time


  1. Jason Mraz is great. You should check out some of his stuff

    1. Not bad - He might make just make my top 100 solo male artists....


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