Sunday, 27 October 2013

Holding Blog

Oh Dear I have been a bad blogger....Nothing from me for over a month and now all you are going to get is a short message saying "Keep the faith..."

My pitiful excuse for my extended absence was going to be the dog ate my password but since I don't have a dog and McG is not eating like he used to that was never going to work. The reality is that work has been demanding its pound of flesh and we have been so busy on the social front with:

1.  Weddings (3 of them 1 (Italy) and 1/2 (Wales) international and one in Bishops Stortford).

2. Concerts.  Way to many to list in full but just as an example this week included:

Monday - Peter Gabriel at the O2 (Thank you fort the ticket Ash)
Thursday - Travis at the round house (Managed to blag a photo pass for this one, my biggest to date - so more of that to come in a future blog)
Saturday - Daughter at the Cambridge Junction.

3.  Cactus nights - To be honest I have used a couple of them to catch up on some sleep

Rush - so good I went twice - probably my film of the year so far.
Meet the Millers - Nearly as good
The Fifth Estate - good but managed to sleep through some of it

And now Mrs B and I are sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Botswana and a 2 week Safari

I have the equipment - cameras: 4 of them
The Beast (Nikon D700)
The Behemoth (Nikon D4)
Mega Mini Beast (Panasonic F150)
and new to the flock Extenderthon  (Fujifilm HS50) a bridge camera which claims to go out to1000mm, it will be interesting to see how that measures up against an SLR with a 600mm lens.

Wireless enabled PC

and so the plan is to report from the field.

only I strongly suspect WI-FI is not a high priority in the middle of the delta.  Guess I should be grateful if I can find enough power to keep the menagerie.

So if you don't hear from me for a while, make space in your diary for some bumper catching up...

For those of you in the UK batten down the hatches and keep safe (Strong winds predicted tonight )... for the rest of the world just keep safe...

Photo finish

McG looking like he might be guilty of
producing some of those strong winds.... 

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  1. Yes, that flipping wind is keeping me awake.
    Have a brilliant holiday...
    Sorry... have to investigate strange bashing, crashing noise....


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