Monday, 18 August 2008

Splash, Splash Donk!

Splash, Splash Donk!

Splash, Splash, Donk!

What is it with Hotel swimming pools, if they are going to have one they should at least have it more than a slightly extended bath….

Splash, Splash, Donk

Splash, Splash

Geriatric :- "Ouch!"

Me :- "Sorry"

Donk, Splash

Geriatric :- "Ouch!"

Me :- "Sorry"


Second geriatric :- "Ouch!"

Third geriatric :- "Ouch!"


And why do old people insist on floating in your slightly extended bath, when you are attempting to swim laps? If they had been there first then fair enough but when they enter while you are splash, splash, donking along, they should not moan about being ploughed down.

I wonder if there is an Olympic event for extended bath swimming, with and without floating geriatrics obstacles? If so I might make it to 2012 after all…… Probably only as a floating geriatric though….

Sorry bit of a short BlackLOG this week as a work trip to Hamburg, preparation for the Fantasy Football league that I run and V2008 all take their toll on my available blogging time. As compensation some photos from this years V for you, more to follow.

Maximo park lead singer wants a group hug

The Kooks

The Feeling

Mrs B's Gig view of Noah & the Whale
- I'm not sure which is the whale?


  1. Did my boys drive you mad, commit any terrible faux pas, let you down? Or did they keep you entertained, make you feel young,brighten your day? I could guess. Thanks for having them, you have been very kind.

  2. To be honest I think I might have embarrassed them as I danced them into the ground. Poor Alec (possibly got the spelling wrong) felt his coolness draining just being at the same festival as me. They were very well behaved and good company. A bit like their dad they just need a little bit more stamina to keep up.......


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