Thursday, 20 March 2008

It should not be allowed.....and I don't mean me traveling

I could have done without this one, especially as I am only just recovering from last week's unbalanced episodes. The scene is early morning and I'm in an airport lounge, I look up just as a woman wapped out her left breast and attached a small wailing child to it (up to this point I had been blissfully isolated from the screeching noises by my Ipod and the inner ear headphones that cut out such distractions). It put me right off my "Frappacino, Columbian fresh whole coffee bean with cinnamon shavings, extra extra light Grande" (with extra cream). I had intended to avoid the extra cream but while I was attempting to remember my over-complicated order, of just one drink, I realised that Mrs B was not available to police my bad drink intake (besides I'm firmly of the belief that the double extra light more than offsets the extra cream, even if it does not address my Carbon Footprint, but that is a whole other issue).

Although this has nothing to do with this weeks
Blog, I know some of my regular readers struggle when
there are no Pictures to look at

I don't care how natural an act this is, unleashing your love dumplings in the middle of an airport, in front of poor, unsuspecting Englishmen is just not cricket. As a nation we English just don't feel secure about this sort of thing. Wanton nakedness might be all the rage across Europe and in the safety of our English minds it certainly sounds promising, but when it's literally shoved in our faces............ eeeeekkk.

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