Friday, 21 March 2008

Save me from posh hotels

Save me from posh hotels

What is it with the rich? Have they truly become incompetent when it comes down to every day living, through years of inbreeding, or is it they been mollycoddled to such an extent that they are now incapable of thinking for themselves? I stayed at The Ritz Carlton - Berlin recently and was somewhat bemused at being personally shown to the lift, which, incidentally, was only around 10 feet away from the reception desk, next to the large sign saying "lift". I was then given a lesson in pushing the button for the floor I was staying on. I'm quite proud of the fact that I must have passed the aptitude test as I was allowed to travel in the elevator on my own. There followed a few minutes of hesitation and confusion when I reached my floor and discovered there was no one there to meet me. I went through a whole gambit of emotions:

Rejection - I obviously don't look rich enough to require assistance at every step that I take!
Sorrow - who's going to chew my food for me?
Fear - Am I going to have to tie my own shoelaces?
Joy - after the initial mistake the hotel realised that I'm not incapable of living in the real world and I am able to make decisions for myself, even if they are often wrong. Like staying in posh over-priced hotels....

I recovered enough to work out where my room was........ I'm now left with a vision of legions of "not quite rich enough" people wandering aimlessly around posh hotels unsuccessfully looking for their room. I wonder, if Bob Geldof finds out - might we get a whole new series of aid concerts? "Twat aid" perhaps?

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