Saturday, 29 March 2008


I am writing this on my new toy, a wireless ARCHOS 605, which obviously works but is a little less easy than using a PC while tightrope walking blindfold across the Grand Canyon on a particularly windy day. It would be easier to find a decent Bryan Adams song than to add photos using the ARCHOS, so don't expect photos...I should also take this opportunity to thank our friend Mitch for booking accommodation with wireless internet, allowing me to post this weeks Blog.

Since being in Canada I've added some new words to the Black vocab, including:-

"Snickerdoodle" - which basically means something which fails to live up to its description. This comes from a dessert that I ordered at "Grahams" restaurant in the little town of Glacier, in Washington state. Any food title containing "Snicker" to my mind conjures up, at the very least, chocolate & peanuts, not some plain dull cookie with little or no flavour. This incident reminds me of another dessert disaster when Mrs B and I visited Fire Island. I asked the waitress in the restaurant we were frequenting, what was the best dessert that they served. There followed a mouth-watering description that left me salivating and desperate to try the wonderous concoction. I immediately put my order in, only for the waitress to reply "I'm sorry Sir, there is none left" Aaaarrrrgggghhh how cruel is that?

"shortsicles" - shorts that immediatly turn to ice once you leave the warmth of your out door hot tub. That's just nasty.....

"Nickolepsy" - An ability to sleep anywhere at any time, as practiced by Mrs B. This includes mid conversation, most films, chairlifts. I've yet to see Mrs B sleep while skiing but it can only be a matter of time.

"F*ck" - While at first it might sound strange to include a word that is in everyday use, I've put it in for its rarity value i.e. not often uttered by Mrs B. This rare event occured when I informed a famished Mrs B that we had missed the cut-off run for the mountain restaurant we were making for. Mrs B also came close to a second utterance of the "F word" while attempting to review this very BlackLOG on the ARCHOS.

"Chairasplatterphobia" - The fear of getting catapolted out of a chairlift and left in a crumpled heap in the snow. Oh yes, after over 20 years of skiing I finally managed the embarrassment of a ski injury caused by chairlift. I've been informed it was worth the wait and I now proudly sport a nose that does a very convincing Gerard Depardieu impression and ribs that only hurt when I breath, move, stand still or hold my breath. In fact the only time that they do not hurt is when I'm skiing, or that would have been the case if I had not managed to take air sideways while doing around 30 MPH about four days later. Since I don't crash very often these days I try and make them spectacular when I do.....fortunately I landed on my head so no real damage was done.

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