Friday, 14 November 2008

Being Tagged, Mrs B gets aggressive while the Bluetooth war is resolved

I've been tagged. My "tagger" is a Brazilian blogger called Argentum Vulgaris. I am duty bound to post 8 random facts/habits about myself and then perpetuate the crime by tagging 8 other bloggers.

So here are my 8 facts/habits followed by a random selection of victims lucky winners.....

1. An open biscuit packet is an empty biscuit packet - That could almost be my motto....(don't look at me like that Mrs B, you are hardly one to talk - I'll just say re-sealed tin and leave it at that.....)Mischief on biscuit guard duty. We tried using McG but he ate them all

2. I have never had a legal drink, having given up drinking a week before my 18th Birthday - Believe me I am bad enough sober. Be thankful that I don't drink...

3. I refuse to go to see a Ballet - it is the devil's dance.

4. My favorite drink is Chocolate Milkshake - The best I have ever had was in the Little America hotel, Salt Lake City - for the record (and as close as I will ever get to being Bond) I like my milkshakes shaken not stirred (so not that close then).

5. I have seen over 100 bands live. Yes I'm guilty. What can I say? I love live music. The first band I saw were "The Police", not a bad start for a 12 year old. Certainly better than "Boyzone" but that's another story and one that I have vowed never to reveal. It does explain a friend's reluctance to go and see live music....
The Feeling started out as a cover band. They still do some excellent covers, just as long as they don't cover Cliff I will continue to enjoy them

6. Mrs B and I have skied together, every year, for the last 23 years - Mrs B is technically much better than me so I have to bomb down the slopes as fast as I can to avoid unfavourable comparison...

7. I hate cigarettes with a passion. If anyone lights up within 20 metres of me my heckles start to rise - I don't smoke, don't drink what do I do.....? Enjoy life actually - it is possible.

8. I consider myself to be fairly musical and can play any type of music - well, just as long as I can get it onto my iPod....So that excludes Country & Western, Thrash Metal and Cliff Richard, most definitely Cliff Richard.....

Now, who am I going to tag? That is the question...sorry guys in no particular order:



The Gym Isn't working

James & The Blue Cat

Clever Girl goes Blog

Please don't eat with your mouth open


No ordinary rollercoaster

Dear Tagees,

I hope you are going to be a good sport and make sure you come back and leave a comment when you have fulfilled your quota. (It's harder than you think.)

The tag rules are as follows:

1) Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3)At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.
4) If you have already been tagged and do not wish to go through the exercise then let the taggee know.

Ok I guess it's back to the "Dayblog".....

Unexpected aggression
During the last body combat class we attended at the gym, the teacher asked for real aggression. I was proud of myself as I managed to work myself up all the way to the heady heights of "slightly miffed".

I tend to be fairly laid back and it takes quite a bit to get me angry. I have been involved in only one physical fight, preferring to use words (after all, the misspelt word is mightier than the Sord.....hands off Teach, I had to restrain Mrs B from changing it too). It involved someone who I did not know hitting me while I just stood there and asked him why...He gave up in the end, I guess I eventually wore him down. While he did not put me down, I probably lost on points, but still claim it as a moral victory.

When I glanced at Mrs B in the gym's mirror, I almost cack'd my keks. The normally mild and placid one looked like she was not only ready for war but was not planning on taking any prisoners either. I made a mental note never to push Mrs B too far in the future. No wonder they don't allow women to fight, they look like they really mean it.....Just look at that pent up aggression.....

Bluetooth war – the madness ends as peace accidentally breaks out
I would love to think that my recent email to Nokia got through and made the difference. However, in the full glare of the cold light that is produced when the fridge door opens, I realise that this is most unlikely. All I do know is that when I synchronized my new N96 phone with ElleGee’s Bluetooth, expecting partial use only, it actually all worked perfectly. Big celebrations…. I just have to avoid updating the firmware for the N96 as it is bound to screw up the link.
My N96 just itching to be upgraded so it can continue hostilities with ElleGee...

Until next week then, as long as I don't upset Mrs B, that is. Don't forget to drop into the "BlackLOG - Historical" should be updated in time for Thursday morning.


  1. skipper&cathryn17 November 2008 at 09:53

    Oh, MR B, I don't have 8 friends...I will do my best, but it will be poor

  2. And I don't have 8 interesting things about me that I haven't already bored everyone I know rigid with. But I'll see what I can do. Oh and I'm the same with biscuits. I killed an unsuspecting pack of Abernethy at the weekend.

  3. Well done Blacklog, I'll check out your taggees blogs. Sorry, wasn't here for two days, public holiday prob here.


  4. thanks for the kind words and the shout out. the cold has indeed gotten a little better but now i've gone and coupled it with a nasty hangover. i'm brilliant, i know. i'll be doing the tag tomorrow. promise.

  5. Thanks for the linky. Is this like one of them email forwards: where you must forward onto a million people, within a millisecond of reading it, otherwise you die of bad aids by 10pm the same night? I'd rather not die of bad aids, so I'll have to try and come up with 8 fantastic factoids about myself.

    Lemon Puff buscuits, I haven't seen them for years!

  6. Skipper - The opportunity to make new friends I feel. Knowing you as I do I doubt very much that you are lacking in friends or that you will do a poor job. I have faith in you.

    Loth Don't think of it as repeats but a second chance to entertain. After all you have probably gained new readers since you published some of your facts. If you dress them in a slightly different outfit with a new haircut none of your male reader will recognise them anyway…. .

    Emily Thanks for taking the challenge and glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. Despite the fact that I no longer drink I do sympathise with your hangover. I did after all have a few illegal hangovers...

    Argentum Vulgaris An interesting challenge. I am delighted that three people have risen to it so far…..

    Cynical Scribble I prefer incentive rather then threat, so as a reward I can offer you as an enticement a no expenses paid Holiday to Orlando, all you have to do is pay for flights, accommodation, food and any spending money you require - Nothing else will be provided.... This offer is so good even Watch Dog is interested in it.

    I could not believe that they still make Lemon Puffs. When we were cycling in India, last November, someone in the party brought lemon puffs up (not literally) in conversation. It was agony as my body craved them from that moment until we returned home. I found them at my local supermarket and went through five packets before I decided that they weren't as good as I remembered....

  7. Looks like my maths is getting as poor as my spelling that should be 4...

  8. k. all done.

    go there to check it out


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